Feeding machine in the practical application of what are the distinctive advantages

- Feb 07, 2018-

Feeder is a kind of feeding equipment, which can realize the quantitative delivery of lumpy, granular and powdery objects to meet the needs of customers in various aspects and realize the maximum freedom of production and liberate the labor force. In the actual application process, the advantages of feeder is reflected in what aspects?


Due to the large belt tension of the feeder, when it is transporting objects, the hopper is located directly on the mechanical belt, so that as the mass of material transported in the hopper increases, the tension in the feeder belt will Then increase.


Moreover, there are many kinds of materials that can be transported by the feeder, and some objects that are not suitable for being conveyed by the belt feeder, such as some sticky materials or dry classified materials, can be handled by the feeder. The main reason is that the feeder is equipped with a detachable hopper on the belt. The material to be transported needs to be placed in the hopper so as to not only accurately weighed, but also to keep the belt clean and the material safe.


There are more unique feeder sensor, using the double-perforated metal bellows with excellent performance of metal bellows sealed sensor, this sensor is not only sensitive, high precision, and compressive ability to impact, but also have a certain The anti-dumping ability to protect the hopper does not rollover, is conducive to accurate weighing when weighing.


In addition, the appearance of feeder volume can be seen, the transmission speed. Its frame by the cross reed as a support, but also as a calibration rod holder also supports the feeder, so the balance of the whole body performance is good, will not produce horizontal displacement and lateral displacement, the friction received more than Small, generally does not produce damage, repair is relatively simple.