Generally specification and types of Rotary Valve

- Sep 26, 2018-

Rotary valve is a mechanic device whose working depends on its rotation components.For example, the rotation plate can make the valve from open to be close.That is to say, this rotation valve will cut off current or rotate by the plate. From its definition, we can see rotary valve is working by rotation plate rotates to 90 degree and make valve from open to be closed.

As per different types,the rotary valve can be divided into three types : butterfly valve ,ball valve and plunger valve. Among of them,butterfly valve is working by baffle plate or rotor plate to rotate around the center shaft to control the flowing direction .Baffle plate or rotor plate looks like the butterfly. Butterfly valve can cut off power or adjust the flowrate ,it is suitable for solids with suspended materials or pasty materials.

Well,ball valveā€™s body is ball shape with round holes. Such valve also has adjustion function and cutting power off function. Its feature is flexible which is suitable for sticky and corrosion fluids as well as high temperature or high pressure working mediums.