Guide instructions of installation on vertical bucket elevator on Sewage treatment plant

- Jun 24, 2019-


There exist seven steps on installation tips of bucket elevator

1. Complete the grounding work in advance. Dig a big pit which is about 1 meter under ground.. Embedded the grounding bolts as per the bottom flange size of bucket elevator,use sand and stone to cover and make the surface is level and let the cement be fixed.

2. Prepare the crane hoist. First install the bottom of bucket elevator,fix the bottom parts on the embedded grounding screw & bolts.

3. Stick the sealing gasket at the connection flanges before install the shell of bucket elevator. In order to prevent dust leakage from the connection flanges,the higher bucket elevator shall be connected together with other buildings which is close to bucket elevator so as to increase the stability.

4. Before install the head part of bucket elevator,remove the cover from the head this way,it will be more convenient to assemble and adjust the chains or belts with buckets.

5. Connect the chains in advance. Then fix the buckets into chains or belts. Next use crane to lift the chains with buckets inside of bucket elevator

6. After finishing the installation of chains with buckets, open the inspection door at the bottom of bucket elevator .Use U shape screw & bolt to fix both ends of chains, Tight the tensioning device.

7. Complete the installation of bucket elevator, then connect the power and let bucket elevator without materials running . Obervie any deviations on chains,any abnormal noise,etc


Following photos are for bucket elevator’s installation process on site .