Hanging bearing are application in screw conveyors

- Dec 29, 2018-

In most engineering case,there do not need hanging bearing in screw conveyors with short transporting distance. For example,if transporting distance within 6 meters and low capacity,there will not assemble with hanging bearing. See a reference photo as below :

Screw diameter : 315mm

Transporting distance is 1100mm


Only the transporting distance reaches beyong 9m,we will use hander bearing in screw conveyors.See a reference photo as below :


It is very important to choose suitale but best qualiy on sealing for hanging bearing. Sometimes we import good sealing from overseas market if there is no suitable on in Chin.

And some special materials are difficult to clean if they were dropped into hanging bearing,we will advise customers not to use hanging bearing.www.wxconveyor.com