Horizontal shafted screw conveyor is transported PVC powder

- Aug 27, 2019-

Its diamter is 250mm,conveying length 4960mm. Motor &gearbox is direct connection to the conveyor. Motor power is 4kw,conveyor’s speed is 45rpm.

Some type of PVC powder :

(1) Tranported materials’ name : PVC fines powder

(2) Solid density  is 1400kg/m3

(3) Particle size distribution inlet : 0 to 0.09 μm.

(4) Bulk density is 480-530kg/m3

Other performance data on jobsite :

(1) Type of gas is exhaust air

(2) Type of moisture is water

(3) Throughput inlet wet : 103056kg/h to 96170kg/h

(4) Temperature inlet : 60 centi degree

(5) Maximum pressure drop : 18mbar

Due to PVC fine powder has strong corrosive feature,we recommend to use stainless steel 316L materials. The gasket material is PTFE,white color.

A sketch is for a view :