Horizontal shaftless screw conveyor with nylon lining plate

- Mar 04, 2020-

Shaftless screw conveyor adops no axis in the center design. It is used of the flexible completed steel screw flight to push materials . So shaftless screw conveyor has following strong points : strong entanglement resistance. Without center axis disturbing, shaftless screw conveyor does well in conveying belt type,entangled materials . Such as the sticky paper waste sludge, wet flour ,oil sludge,etc. 

Application : shaftless screw conveyor’s diameter ranges from 200mm to 500mm . WLS series shaftess screw conveyor is designed to work with sewage treatment plant, to transport the filtered sludge. Thus,there exist a thin grill /screen whose size is 50mm *50mm at the bottom of shell. Shaftless screw conveyor is friendly to environment which adopts whole completed conveying and easy to clean,can ensure the environmental hygiene and conveyed materials without any pollution, no leakage. Big torque,low consumption.www.wxconveyor.com