Horizontal tubular cooling screw conveyor for transporting chemical powder

- Jul 08, 2019-

The following tubular cooling screw conveyor is applied in transproting POM materials for a chemical plant.The design,manufacture,inspection are in accordance with ANSI/ASME/DIN/ISO.

POM bulk density is 700kg/m3,and required screw conveyor’s capacity is 7m3/hr. The motor is explosive proof type, insulation class is F grade, protection class is IP65,explosive proof grade is DIIBT4. And motor shall work in high temeprature,wet and dusty environment.

The tubular cooling screw conveyor’s inlet flange is ANSI 12’’,B16.5,150LB. The nitrogen inlet flange is ANSI 6’’,B16.5,150LB. The discharge outlet’s short pipe is ø406*6.35,length is 100mm.

The pipe jacket is made of stainless steel 304. The heating medium is vapor with 6kg pressure,temperature is 160 Centi degree.

The washer is non metal materials. EPTF3 washer,thickness is 3mm,standard is HG20610.The shaft sealing is gland + nitrogen. Use full welding on two sides of screw flights.

A rough sketch as below : 


Other photos of cooling screw conveyors for a reference.