How does the screw conveyor well-distributed materials continuously .

- Feb 28, 2018-

Screw conveyor is designed to distribute materials in feeding process.Why do many  people choose screw conveyor ?Because screw conveyor can reach well distributed materials continuously as well as intermittently. But how do screw conveyor can reach it ?

In order to ensure screw conveyor can feed materials evenly and continuously,on one hand,it must choose the suitable technical data and follow the rules to operate --Start without materials and stop conveyors if empty. On the other hand,to increase the size of discharging outlet or increase the length of trough,which can solve problems such as the poor discharge or no time to discharge.Meantime,we can install the reverse flight by a short distance at the discharging outlet ,so as to prevent any materials blocking at the end of screw conveyor .

Moreover,it is very important to clean the residue materials inside the screw conveyor.In this way,it can avoid any big foreign material or fibers into the screw conveyors.Meanwhile,try to minimize the horizontal dimension on middle hanger bearings,so as to reduce any possibilities for materials reaching inside the middle hanger bearings.

On this basis,Changrong also install the level detector and  plugging switch inside the silo or hopper so that it can reach automatically control and alarm.At the same time,Changrong designs a movable door on the cover of discharging outlet.If occurs blocking,it can cut off the power by travel switch if materials blocking together.

Not only that,feeding screw conveyor also can transport some intermittence materials.Due to the intermittence materials’ working process are very complicated,so there is no perfect design and calculation model at present .Its design and calaculation must follow the rich experience by the designer.