How many operation ways for loading and discharging materials on Bucket conveyers

- Mar 22, 2018-

Bucket conveyer has different structure , principle,loading way and discharging way  with other conveying equipment.Bucket conveyer is to dig materials at the base bottom through buckets. There set up two ways : forward feeding and backward feeding .

In the actual process,bucket conveyers mostly use backward feeding .And feeding direction is as same as with bucket’s movement.Bucket’s coefficient of fullness is big .Must ensure there exist enough tension because materials rising up as buckets across the center line of bottom pulley .

For the discharging way,there are many ways to make it ,including centrifugal,gravity,cut out and mixing ,etc .Different materials and working condition need different discharging ways.So it is better to understand each discharging way.

Usually,bucket conveyer’s centrifugal discharging way is suitable for good flow and free free flowability.It is necessary to use the gravity discharging way if materials contain too much water and poor flowability. Comparing with the discharging way and gravity way,the mixing discharging way is the best one to transport materials . 

Designing the suitable chains on bucket conveyers is very important .Most time,the chain is made of round ring chain which is  low content alloy ,strong tension.