How to break the arching problems

- Nov 08, 2019-

1. Use the compressed air .Need consider the mediums maybe fluidization that will have a effection on system . Some mediums also will become a hole as soon as blowed by air which can not reach the fluidization .

2. Add the agitating device ,suitable for strong sticky medium;

3. Add the vibrating device ,suitable for mild sticky medium; Set up the vibrating device inside the hopper shell, start up the vibrating device as long as there exist arching issues.Do not stop the vibrating device before the arch issue disappear.This way is not ease for workers to operate, when found there is no mediums or materials inside the hopper or silo, it is too late to operate the vibrating device. At present ,we just turn on the vibrating device. If feeding rate is very small , much materials will be gathered together at the discharged outlet so as to cause arching .

4. Add the air hammer

5. Install the air cannon

The above four ways are good solutions for breaking the arching problems.We need choose the arching way as per medium’s feature.