How to change the belt conveyor belt

- Jan 25, 2018-

Belt conveyor in the rapid development of the modern industry has played a no small role in the industry involved in the basic coverage of the entire industry, food light industry, logistics and transportation, chemical medicine and so on. Belt conveyors as an indispensable and important accessories, the conveyor belt needs to be replaced frequently.


For the belt conveyor, some of the equipment replacement more convenient, but some more trouble, the equipment will be one of the unassembled, so we have to buy the conveyor belt according to the actual situation of the equipment to buy the open conveyor belt or ring band.


When replacing the belt for the belt conveyor, first turn off all power, remove the protective cover, loosen the motor mounting bolts, and then move the motor to loosen the belt to facilitate removal of the damaged belt; remove Conveyor belt if worn seriously, we must choose a suitable conveyor belt to be replaced.


Change the belt at the same time, by the way to check the belt conveyor anti-deviation, transmission protection and other protective devices, there is deviation, wear and tear and other conditions to be immediately adjusted maintenance; and then install the conveyor pulley, the first adjustment of the transmission center distance , With a tension tester to test the conveyor until the proper tension.


After completion, all bolts of the belt conveyor motor will be tightened. After the replacement is complete, run the belt conveyor to check the situation after replacement. If there is any noise or vibration, shut off the machine immediately and check the motor and bearings.