How to choose motors for fine powder screw conveyors?

- Feb 24, 2018-

Fine powder screw conveyor is specialized in conveying powder materials.It uses total closed structure which can avoid any dust leakage during transporting process,so as to reduce any bad effect on labors and environment.So,what kind of motors will be used on fine powder screw conveyors?

Fine powder screw conveyor chooses motors according to the working condition,structure type ,motor type ,voltage grade ,rated speed and so on.Before choosing motors,it is necessary to know the fine powder screw conveyor’s actual using environment,so as to get the satisfied motor and meet requirements.

Structure on fine powder screw conveyor refers to motors’ outer casing protection ,cooling way and installation way.Its outer casing is made as per preventing human body from touching,foreign solid materials reaching inside the motor and preventing any water in .Motor’s inside is divided into a number of grades.Generally speaking,there exist open type,protected type,totally closed type,sealed type and explosion proof type.

Considering fine powder screw conveyor is mainly used to transport powder,Changrong advise to use protection type.Because protection type motor has air vent on both sides with good heat dissipation,and it can prevent any foreign solid medium and water drop from reaching motors on the top.It is suitable for clean and dry condition.Otherwise,explosion proof type motors have higher protection class .

Cooling ways on fine powder screw conveyors mainly refers to arrangement on cooling circuit mode,cooling medium and push way on cooling medium ,etc.Usually ,motors use air ,casing on motors as cooling ways.The primary and secondary pushing way on cooling medium are used self-circulation.Thus motors have small size,light weight and competitive price .