How to choose screw feeder

- Jan 22, 2021-

(1) Screw feeder is one of the most widely applied conveying equipment among chemical, building fields and other food grains fields . It is mainly used to transport food powder, chemical granules and small sizes’ goods . Screw feeder is not good for transporting products which are viscosity,perishable and easy to cake .

(2) Screw feeder’s working temperature is below 20 centi degree to 50 centi degree .The incline degree is less or equal to 20 degree. The conveying length is less than 40m,the maximum length is not over 70m .

(3) Comparing with other conveying equipment, screw feeder is simple structure ,small sectional size ,good sealing ,many feed points and many discharge points ,easy to operate and low cost for fabrication.