How to improve the conveying efficiency and set up speed of carbon steel screw conveyors.

- Feb 26, 2018-

Carbon steel screw conveyor is made of the common carbon steel .Comparing with the stainless steel screw conveyor,there are much difference on price,performance and application.Thus we must choose carbon steel or stainless steel according to the transported materials’ feature.

If confirmed that the client will use carbon steel screw conveyor,engineers also need check the speed and give some basic technical data .The speed determines the capacity.If the screw conveyor can meet the rated capacity,try to reduce the speed .If the speed is so fast that beyond the limit speed value,materials will be thrown out due to the force of centrifugal force.

Certainly ,carbon steel screw conveyor’s speed has relationship with transported materials.If transport powder,granules,just choose low speed.If transport the heavy weight and lump materials,need choose high speed.In different field,the speed is different .

In order to improve the conveying efficiency on carbon steel screw conveyor,for one hand,set up the aspiration channel and air vent which are used to ensure there is no materials leakage .For another thing,carbon steel screw conveyor must be reliable to endure cold resistance.In this way,the carbon steel screw conveyor will ensure enough efficiency in cold winter.

Also need pay attention to the placement on carbon steel screw conveyors.There need give some distance in order to ensure the space of certain air and maintenance as well as be available for solving the problems if occur.Moreover,must ensure the carbon steel screw conveyor’s working place to be clean so as to extend the life of carbon steel screw conveyors.