How to improve the working efficiency on screw feeders

- Feb 25, 2019-

Screw feeder is one of the common conveying equipents in industrial fields.How to improve the working efficiency is an issue for each production factory. It will save cost and will creat more production with higher working efficiency.

Set up some suction pipes and vents on the top and bottom of screw conveyors head section ,so as to ensure no materials leakage during transporting in the trough . Meanwhile, there must leave enough space for air and maintainance. In this way,it is easy to solve problems and improve efficiency.Make riveting or stick the anti-skidding at the head bearing.It can improve the friction factor ,to prevent the materials from skidding ,and  ensure the noraml operation of screw conveyors .

One more point is that must keep clean working environment around the screw conveyors  and try to avoid any wet ,electric leakage. Reduce the damage on screw conveyor and extend the using life of screw conveyors. Must choose the normal and reliable supplier to make the screw conveyors with good service and guarantee on quality. Then customer will save a lot of time and cost