How to install the buried scraper conveyor step by step?

- Apr 11, 2018-

Buried scraper conveyor can be basically divided into three categories, namely horizontal buried scraper conveyor, vertical buried scraper conveyor and Z-type buried scraper conveyor; of course, the manufacturer can also be designed according to user requirements And produce other types of buried scraper conveyors.


Regardless of the type of buried scraper conveyor, their installation procedures are basically similar. First, the position of the nose and the tail is determined, and then the centerline of the scraper conveyor is determined. The middle slot is then laid according to the centerline of the conveyor. If the machine uses a non-metallic tank, then the middle tank is tiled and the precast concrete slab is bonded to the cast stone liner. When the cast stone lining is laid, it is necessary to pay attention to straightness, minimize the number of joints, and stagger the longitudinal gaps.


When the surface of the buried scraper conveyor is laid, it needs to be straight, and the laps of each section should be flat and without steps; due to the structural limitation of the trough, the adjacent middle trough should not be excessively deflected in the vertical direction; The coal or debris should be removed.


When installing a buried scraper conveyor, it is usually necessary to leave a certain space at the head and tail, which is convenient for maintenance and overhaul; and the centerline of the sprocket should be perpendicular to the centerline of the conveyor and ensure the level. Then start installing the scraper chain,

Before this, it must be connected in advance in order to evenly distribute the scraper in the chain.


After the completion of the installation of the integral scraper conveyor, a thorough inspection shall be carried out and the conveyor shall be started to run for 2 hours. During the period of its initial work, special attention should be paid to the tightness of the chain so that it can always maintain stable operation.