How to maintain screw conveyor in the daily life

- Jan 19, 2021-

During the application of screw conveyors ,we must pay attention to the daily maintenance ,so as to make a good suitable working with the driers in a maximum extent ,then ensure the productivity and efficiency . In this way ,it also can extend the service life . Now we list some basic notes on maintenance as below :

(1) Fill in the lubrication into bearing,sprocket and chains on time;

(2) When screw conveyor stops working ,must check the worn-out of screw blade. If serious worn out ,must repair welding;

(3) The capacity can not overloading,otherwise material will not discharge easily,worse still ,it will cause screw shaft bend and make screw shell break;

(4) If the transported materials’ temperature is high, must check any blocking inside the screw conveyor .If any blocking,must deal with the blocking issues ;

(5) If any abnormal noise during conveying ,must stop the conveyors immediately ,then open the cover, check carefully so as to remove the problems.