How to maintain the chain scraper conveyor in life

- Oct 09, 2019-

1.At the beginning of chain scraper conveyor working, we shall pay attention to checking the tightness of chains. Because the gap between chutes will be reduced when chain scraper conveyor is working. If chain roller is too loosen,chains will be blocked or broken. How to check the chains ? The answer is to make the chain scraper conveyor rotate reversely,calculate the quantity of loosen chains. If there exist more than 2 pcs chains are totally loosen,then need tighten up the chains .

2.Must keep the straightness of working surface. If the working surface is not straight, two pieces of chains’s strength can not be same,which will cause chains wear out soon or make chains break.

3.Suitable bend degree on conveyor ,try to avoid any sharp bend.All bend parts shall not be less than eight pieces of chutes. When push,must pay attentionto the hydraulic jacks before and after. Try to avoid any sharp bend.Otherwise there will cause Inconsistent of chutes,chain broken. Also must pay special attention to do not push any materials when the conveyor is stopped.

4.The chain scraper conveyor should be laid flat. Due to the limitation of the structure of the chute, it can only adapt to the change of 3'-5' in the vertical direction. Therefore, if the surface of the working surface is partially uneven, it should be flattened. The flat laying of the chain scraper conveyor is conducive to the operation of the scraper chain, then the chute can be reduced. So as to reduce the wear and reduce power consumption on chain scraper conveyor during working.

5.When blasting,must take good care of  the transmission part of the chain scraper conveyor and the pipeline, unit cable, switch, etc.. When the chain scraper  conveyor transports iron and long materials, safety measures should be taken to avoid personal accidents.

6.The overlap between the tail of the transition groove and the middle groove is not allowed to be excessively bend, and the wooden board is used if any bending.

7.Also note the vibrating of coupling. When starting the chain scraper conveyor, must check the vibrating of hydraulic coupling. In order to protect the good heat dissipation condition,must clean and protect the cover and liquid .