How to make a better sealings on screw shaft

- Oct 19, 2019-

As per different powders’ feature ,it is very important to make a good sealing structure on screw conveyors.Mostly screw conveyor is made up of rotating shaft with screw blade, filling materials’ trough/tube and bearing,etc. Considering the sealing plays the key role, we can adopt 2 layers of oil sealings. The left side sealing can prevent fine powder from reaching bearing house. The right side sealing can prevent the lubrication grease from reaching trough ,then contaminated materials .Oil sealings also can be called rotated lip seal. In free state, the inner diameter of oil seal is smaller than the shaft diameter, so there exist interference. When the oil seal assembled on the shaft ,its pressue of cutting edge and contraction force from self-tightening spring will produce the tightening force,cover the leakage clearance ,then get the sealing effect . How to improve the sealings on conveyors ? we have some advice as below :

Lengthen the shaft sLeeve size on sealings on shaft ends, in this way ,it can increase the quantity of gland packing ,and increase the sealing force.

Use oil cup lubrication.Use the oil cup to fill up with the oil into the touch face between shaft and gland packing ,increase the lubrication effect, and reduce the wear out between gland packing and shaft . Meanwhile ,there will become an oil film which can prevent fine powder from getting the shaft .

Design a pair of labyrinth skeleton seal ring at the inside of end shaft sleeve. One is fixed at the shaft sleeve, the other one will be installed on the shaft ,rotating with shaft, can prevent materials from flowing out.

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