How to measure the conveying speed of screw conveyor as well as flow rate of materials.

- Mar 15, 2018-

Theoretically speaking, screw conveyor has some similarities with other continuous conveying metering devices.Its instantaneous transporting is subject to measure accuracy on conveying speed and materials’ flow rate.Due to materials’ flow rate can not measure directly ,so wuxi changrong measure the speed on screw conveyors.

However,screw conveyor ‘s actual movement trail is combines with screw forward through longitudinal velocity and transverse velocity.And its longitudinal velocity and transverse velocity is not only subject to the screw speed,but also depends on materials’ humidity,granularity,viscosity,mobility ,filling factor,pressure change and other factors.These factors often changes a lot as per different time and working condition.Thus,it causes the material’ longitudinal velocity and transverse velocity that can not keep the constant synchrony relations.

Therefore,the measured screw speed often can not represent the true flow rate of materials. It is necessary to keep materials’ feature,pressure in the trough and flow rate be evenly without any chaos and check the measuring device as per rules .

Besides,there exist some clearance between screw flight and casing or pipes.The weigh screw conveyor usually uses constant operation and regards the screw speed as the constant data .Actually ,the screw speed is not constant because of changes on power grid frequency ,voltage and duty.

Hence we can from see it is very important to set up speed device or speed compensation in high requirements on accuracy occasions,so as to get the correct conveying speed and get the instantaneous conveying capacity .