How to solve the common problems on dosing screw feeders

- Mar 26, 2020-

There exist three common problems on dosing screw feeders : 

1.How to deal with the spillage on dosing screw feeders? Can adjust the equipment

There are three reasons that cause spillage on dosing screw conveyors :

(1) Some foreign products are blocked in the bearing.

(2) The transported products are with too much water, friction force is too large

(3) Something wrong with the driving system

Solution : Blocking issues often happened in the small feeding screw feeders. Just clean the foreign product inside the dosing screw feeder, and pick foreign product up or discharge them out completely. Then dry the transported product so as to reduce the water .Check the driving system in time,if any abnormal issues, find the solution and correct them .

2.How to deal with the cracks on the screw shaft after the dosing screw conveyor keep running by one year

As the key part in the small dosing screw feeder, screw shaft is to ensure products’ grading and conveying. The crack may be caused of screw shaft was worn out due to long time running. This crack shall belong to the regular equipment’s maintenance service.

Solution : Screw shaft is made of steel. In order to improve the use efficiency,we can take measure as below : (1) Make lubrication now and them.(2) check the raw material’ quality and certificate,avoid any hard products come into screw conveyor,so as to cause the worn out on screw shaft.(3) check the components on screw shaft and screw blade,if any cracks, change them in time. 

3.The dosing screw feeder stopped running suddenly

Preliminarily determined that this stopping was caused of the drive motor was burned. How to prevent the same situation next time

There are main two reasons for motor is burned. The first one is the conveyed product’s loading is much larger than the designed loading figures, motor is running under overloading for a long time,then burn down . The second one is there mix some hard and sharp products during conveying. The hard and sharp products are moved inside screw shaft,rubbing with screw flight and screw blade,causing bigger current,then motor is burned. 

Finally ,the main problems come from the transported products . First ,we need feed or dosing evenly, the capacity shall be as same as the designed one . Then choose, grade and screen the products by the iron remover and vibrating screen.