How to solve the trouble issues on screw feeders

- May 17, 2019-

In application of screw feeder,we may meet some trouble as below :

Question one : how to deal with the overflowing materials? Can we adjust the equipment first?The answer is yes,to adjust the equipment first.Because the materials are overflowing which indicates there exist some blocking inside equipment. There exist three main reasons of blocking:

The first one is there are some foreign dust or bulk materials inside the transported product.

The second reason is that the transported product is with much water and larger friction force.

The third reason is that something wrong with rotating parts of equipment.

The solution also is divided into three steps :

Clean the inside foreign materials .

Try to keep the transported product be dry condition during transporting.

Check the rotating components in time.

Question two: How to deal with the cracks on screw shaft after running one year.

Reason : as the key rotating parts of micro screw feeder,the main function of screw shaft is to ensure distributing materials step by step smoothly.The crack is caused due to abrasion of screw shaft which was running long time. So it belongs to the normal maintenance . The solution is that to  use a new shaft to replace the old screw shaft.Meanwhile,in order to improve the working efficiency,we can add lubricant oil on time.Next take strictly inspection of raw materials. Then pay more attention to the feeding products,try to prevent any foreign dust from entering of equipment.At last,check the components of screw shaft and screw blade,whether there any loosen components .

Question three: The screw conveyor stop running suddently.

Reason : Preliminary conclusion is that the motor has been damaged:

(1) If the total weight of transported product is heavier than the equipment’s affordability,the motor is working oveloading,the motor is easy to be burnt.

(2)If there are big bulk or hard materials or iron piece mixed with the transported product,these foreign goods will be rubbed with screw shaft.Then screw flight will be blocked or broken and cause large current ,at last,motor is burnt.

How to prevent motor from being burnt ? First,feeding product evenly;second,remove the foreign dust and remove the iron bulk.