Incline screw conveyor’s advantage on structure and performance

- Feb 06, 2018-

Incline screw conveyor is one of screw conveyors .Its advantage is to move here and there as per needs.Moreover,it can convey materials in horizontal,incline or vertical direction.So incline screw conveyor is widely used in mobile operation in wild environment.Such as concrete batching plant,bulk material storage and transportation and other occasions.Incline screw conveyor will give absolutely progressiveness and superiority.

Besides,incline screw conveyor is also used in chemical,metallurgy ,paper ,building engineering and other loosen bulk materials’ conveying .Incline screw conveyor take cement,coal powder,carbon black ,soda ash ,flour and other foodstuff and pulp to the appointed position high actively and accurately.

 Incline screw conveyor belongs to the non basic fixed type equipment.It is driven by motor &gearbox with screw casing ,connecting with other parts into a whole.Therefore,its structure is simple and easy to install.Using involute spline to connect the end shaft and screw ,incline screw conveyor is easy to dismantle ,work stably and stably.

Incline screw conveyor’s casing is made of steel pipe which is connected by flanges.Thus its integrity is well .So we can choose incline screw conveyor’s working position and status as well as dismantle or move as needs. Incline screw conveyor ‘s inlet can be designed by incline degree as per working condition ,and equip with other connection fixed.

As one of the most important component on incline screw conveyor ,screw flight is an integrity which is  made of disc steel strip .Such screw flights are with high precision,the screw pitch ‘s outer diameter  and the inner hole are precision. of the inner hole.It is ideal conveying equipment ,which provide the reliable basis for the incline screw conveyor .

Besides the structure ,incline screw conveyor also has superiority performance .All materials which can be transported by screw conveyors will be available for transporting by incline screw conveyor .Because incline screw conveyor is good sealing,no dust and no pollution.