Incline shafted screw conveyor is combined with vibrating screen in chemical fields

- Aug 26, 2019-

The working flow chart is made as per customer’s request.

Let’s take a photo as an examle as below :

The new technical request is :

(1) Added 2 sets of screw conveyors and 1 set of horizontal vibrating screen. All parts are made of stainless steel 304, design capacity is 120 tons/hour.

(2) Incline screw conveyor’s tail design is subject to the following drawing, all bearing are external.

(3) The small end product’s inlet and big granules’ inlet need the air hammer separately,so as to prevent any bridging.

(4) The lower vibrating screen mesh shall be detachable,which is easy to be replaced.

(5) The upper vibrating screen mesh’s gap is 4mm ( net size ). The upper screen ‘s hole is 125 μm and 150 μm.

(6) The motor must be explosive proof type. The explosive proof is EXCT4,IE3 standard. The flexible spring is Rosta,Swenden brand.

(7) Add one soft connection joint at the inlet and outlet of screw conveyor

(8) Both 2 sets of screw conveyors are tubular shape.


The transported materials’ name is formaldehyde which is colorless and irritating gas. The formaldehyde can burn, vapor and air form an explosive mixture,so it required high and excellent sealings on these equipment. Besides,formaldehyde ‘s bulk density is 0.65t/m3,water is about 12%.

The tubular incline screw conveyor’s motor power is 7.5kw, horizontal screw conveyor’s motor power is 7.5kw,too.

Vibrating screen ‘s motor power is 2.2kw *2 sets = 4.4KW in total.