Incline stainless steel screw conveyor with received hopper

- Feb 29, 2020-

Product description : screw conveyor is such a conveying equipment which is widely used in chemical,building, grain and other fields.But cannot be used to transport perishable, sticky and lumpy materials.

Screw conveyor’s working temperature ranges from below 20 centi degree to 50 centi degree. If materials’ temperature is smaller than 200 centi degree, screw conveyor ‘s incline degree is less than β≤200. If conveying length is less than 40m, the longest conveying length shall not beyond 70 m .

By comparing with other conveyors , screw conveyor has following good points : simple structure,small cross-sectional area, better sealing, can discharge with many outlets ,easy to operate and low manufacturing cost . Its disadvantage is : mechanic parts are easy to be worn out, large consumption on motor power and materials will be crushed during