Infeeding materials’ Drag chain conveyor is used to transport farm chemicals

- Oct 16, 2019-

Drag chain conveyor is designed and manufactured to transport farm chemicals as per needs..According to the layout of fileds, drag chain conveyor has L shape, C shape, Z shape .This S shape drag chain conveyor s shell is made of Q235,chute material is WNM400, scraper material is 16Mn, chain is made of 40Mn+45# steel.

Main features

² Main dimensions are standard.

² Can transport farm chemicals horizontally and vertically. Can choose the incline degree is R type or L type.

² Whole conveyor is totally closed . So it is dust-proof,no farm chemicals leakage.

² Reliable structure and high working efficiency

² Flexible arrangment. Can discharge materials from multi-discharging points by working of gate valve.

Transported substance : farm chemicals ,see its photo :图片1

图片2Feed rate : 3m3/h

Chain space : 100mm

Scraper space : 400mm  

Scraper width : 350mm                     

Hoist height : 5.7m                                        

Speed : 0.15m/s

Motor power : 4kw

Gearbox speed : 20rpm

Motor energy level : IE2

Power supply : 380V,3PH,50HZ   

Surface treatment : First ,make sand blasting as per SA2.5. Second,make primer painting ,2 layers,each layer 20-30 μm. Third,make surface painting whose color is RAL6018. Totally dry film layer thickness is more than 100 μm.

Sealing Gasket : nitrile butadiene rubber

Motor is with safety guard as well as weather-proof cover.

This photo shows drag chain conveyor s model is CRMD300 *40.2M.The length is adjustable as per request.