Infrastructure on embedded scraper transporter conveyor for light industry

- Mar 14, 2018-

Embedded scraper transporter conveyor is specialized in light industry,such as rice,grain,coal,etc.It is consisted of head section,middle section,tail section,scraper and chains ,etc .Here set up the drive device on the head section.In addition,Changrong set up the feeding zone.Each device are assembled together and then completed transporting materials.

This kind of embedded scraper transporter conveyor mainly use double row sleeve roller chains.Connect roller chains with scraper by screw bolt and weld them into fixing type.Moreover,each row sleeve roller chain includes many chain units.There are some requirements on many chain units ‘ space and two adjacent scrapers.

Let’s emphasis on the chains.Chain is connected by back connection,ahead connection support lug,scraper frame,scraper baffle,connection pin shaft,split pin and other components.Chain unit is made of cast steel which can be wear resisting and casting.It is merged together by casting.In this way,it can avoid some problems which are caused by other types in embedded scraper transporter conveyor.

You see,embedded scraper transporter conveyor is not only solve the problems that easy winding,easy to plug.In addition,it is static -free,small running resistance ,sliding flexibility,low noise,etc.It reduce a lot of equipment energy consumption.

With these unique structure and advantages,this embedded scraper transporter conveyor is widely applied in biomass power plant,garbage power plant,etc .Meanwhile,it also can be used in other light industry to transport the fluffy materials with its excellent conveying performance.