Installation preparation and basic requirements for serpentine chain buckets

- Mar 27, 2018-

The correct installation of its serpentine chain-fighting machine can guarantee the normal operation of its equipment to a certain extent. During the installation process, the equipment should be used by the familiar staff to guide the installation. The accuracy of the instruments (tables) and measuring instruments used for installation and testing must be qualified and used within the validity period.

Installation of a Snake Chain Bucket

Before installing the serpentine chain-scraper, the installation site must be cleaned. It is necessary to check whether all parts are complete, whether there is damage or deformation, and if so, repair is required. For the conveyor chain, check whether there is a quality inspection report and whether it meets the design requirements.

Basic requirements for serpentine chain fighters

The base of the serpentine chain-fighting machine must be based on concrete or steel structures. Basic dimensions such as the base elevation and inclination must meet the requirements of the general plan.

Installation sequence and requirements of serpentine chain bucket

The installation of the serpentine chain-scraper is preferably started from the tail. The tail-tensioning device is generally provided integrally with the tail-tensioning device. Before installation, check whether the sprocket-fastening screws and the tooth-block-coupling bolts are tightened.

A. Correct sign

Once the tail axis is horizontal, perpendicular to the conveyor's longitudinal centerline (thin steel wire), and the longitudinal centerline passes through the sprocket centerline, the tail tensioner is considered correctly aligned.

B. Finding method

1. Firstly, the longitudinal centerline of the tail shaft vertical tail frame, and then use the spirit level to adjust the level of the tail shaft (adjustable shim can be used to adjust between the tailstock and the foundation, the adjustment gasket is not included in the scope of supply), and the level is two bearings The spacing is 0.3/1000.

2. Adjust the tail shaft to be perpendicular to the longitudinal centerline of the conveyor (thin steel wire). The perpendicularity of the tail shaft to the longitudinal centerline of the conveyor is 1/1000 of the distance between the two bearings. Before fixing the tailstock head assembly, check the sprocket fastening screws and whether the tooth block coupling bolts are tightened. Firstly, the head device shall be suspended on the corresponding foundation surface. The alignment mark, correcting method and requirements are the same as those of the tail tensioning device. After fixing, fix the head shell.