Installation requirements and operating ways of vertical bucket elevator

- Jan 17, 2019-

Those vertical bucket elevators whose transporting height is very high,it is necessary to increse some support legs or connection the shell together with neighboring buildings among middle shell,upper shell of vertical bucket elevators.In this way,it can increase its stability. During installation, first install the bottom components and fix the anchor bolt.Then install the middle shell. At last,install the upper shell. As soon as install the bucket elevator sucessfully, need correct the verticality.Use straight line to measure the upper and lower height,the deviation shall be less than 10mm. The upper axis and lower axis shall be in parallel ,the center line of axis shall be in the same plane.

Must install the bucket elevator on the solid and stable groundings.The grounding surface shall be flat,To some extent,it need show its hrozontal condition,then it can ensure the verticality requirements.

For the short heights vertical bucket elevator,it can connect the upper,middle and lower section and correctly them well,then lifting the overall parts are fixed on the foundation.After completed installation on shell,install the chains and buckets.Use the U shape screw bolts if connected the buckets. The u shape screw bolts are chain connection joints and fixed components. It can be tighten up and can prevent any lossen.

It is necessary to adjust the tension during operation process.To some extent,we can add machine oil and butter on gearbox and bearing house.Industrial gear oil lubrication is used for gearbox. Butter is used in bearing house.

During commissioning,forbidden any reverse operation and any collision. Running test without materials at least 2 hours,no overheating and beairng temperature rising shall be less than 250 centi degree. The gearbox temperature rising shall be less than 300 centi degree. After empty running test,if work well,it can be running with loading materials. Must pay attention to feeding materials evenly and prevent any overfeeding which cause the blocking. Bucket elevator need start up without any materials. So discharge all materials inside bucket before