Introduction of structure and function for each component on vertical bucket conveyor

- Mar 09, 2018-

As one of the well specified hoist vertical machinery,it requires bucket elevators must be strong strength,good flexibility,small elongation and light weight. That is ,bucket elevator’s each component is irreplaceable.For example,the traction belt which undertake and forward the motive force.

So far,bucket conveyor often use canvas belt and rubber belt .The canvas belt is designed for conveying small flow rate ,short height,dry material and dry environment.The rubber belt is used to transport the big capacity and long height .

The bucket on bucket conveyor is the key point.As containing materials’ tool,bucket can be divided into metal bucket and plastic bucket .Metal bucket is made of 1-2mm sheet steel which is under welding,riveting or punching. Plastic bucket is made of polypropylene plastics which is with light structure,low cost ,wear-resisting and no spark when collision with machine body.

The head wheel and tail wheel are very critical to bucket conveyors,too. Head wheel and tail wheel undertake the drag belt.That is ,the belt is surrounded between head wheel and tail wheel so as to become a closed ring. Head wheel and tail wheel’s structure are as same as the drive sprocket and tension sprocket .

Bucket conveyor is made up of head casing,head wheel,short shaft ,bearing ,driven sprocket ,discharging outlet ,etc.Bottom plate include outer casing,bottom sprocket,shaft,bearing,tension device and inlet,etc.Bucket conveyor’s rectangle is made of sheet plate by 1.5-2m by sections ,and connect these sections by angle steel flange.