Introduction of Vibrating Conveyor

- Oct 19, 2017-

Vibrating conveyor is a continuous conveying machine which makes the material trough vibrate by means of exciter, so as to glide or toss the material in a certain direction. Generally used for horizontal transportation, production rate is less than 150t/h, transport distance is less than 80m, tilt on the upper, productivity decreases with inclination. In addition to some parts of vibration mechanism, relatively few rotating parts, simple structure, can transport a variety of particle size materials, can be hot, flammable, explosive, toxic, dusty materials to carry out closed transport, in the process of delivery can be completed at the same time sieving, dehydration and cooling process operations. But it is not suitable to transport viscous materials. Often used in chemical and building materials factories.

Equipment for conveying materials continuously by means of vibration. It is mainly composed of vibration exciter, bearing slot, main vibration spring and frame. Can be used for horizontal, slow-tilt or vertical transport (rising along the spiral groove) of various loose materials. The process of sieving, drying, dewatering, cooling and mixing can be completed at the same time during conveying. Materials with a lot of dust and harmful ingredients can also be transported in sealed slots. Its simple structure, low power consumption, has been widely used in mines.