LC200 Vertical Screw Conveyor

- Sep 21, 2019-

LC200 screw conveyor is made up of horizontal feeding screw conveyor + vertical transporting screw conveyor .There exist an inspection window & cleaning door at the bottom of connection between horizontal & vertical parts.

Feature on transported substance :

Substance name : solid particle anti-aging agent,particle diameter ranges from 5mm to 10mm,bulk density is 0.58kg/l,angle of repose is 27 degree.

Drive : motor is explosive proof and motor is frequency type. The explosive proof class is DIIBT4,motor is outdoor, protection class is IP55.

Conveying capacity : 500kg/hour\

Conveying height : 3300mm

Requirements : vertical screw conveyor must be reliable for vertical transporting

Construction materials : stainless steel 304

Feeding hopper size : 500mm *800mm (H*W)

Inspection window : easy to be cleaned

Screw diameter is 200mm,motor power is 4kw,vertical conveyor speed is 212rpm.horizontal conveyor speed is 21rpm

A sketch of conveyor is as below :