Lets have a deep understanding in built-up welding

- Feb 22, 2020-

(1)Rebuilding refers to when components ‘ geometric shapes are changed by worn out,its original dimensions hardly to be recovered. Most time ,people use the evenly stuffed metal whose chemical components and mechanic feature are similar to the base metal.However in some special occasion, can use the heterogeneous alloy on condition that its feature has compatibility with base material.

(2)Buffer layer also called by metal filtration. If necessary we can use the incompatible feature between the buffering layer and wrapping layer. Why do use the buffer layer? Because buffer layer provide a better basis between basic metal and built-up welding, and can prevent the contraction crack from spreading from build-up welding to basic metal.

(3)Hard facing means the deposit on the surface which is harder than the basic material. Its purpose is producing anti-abrasive ability. Harding facing also has following features : 

Stability ( in some occasion , crack can be accepted )

Toughness resist the impact as per request 

Environmental stress resistance,for example ,the corrosion and high temperature .Hard facing may involves one kind of deposit or many layers’ welding metal. Some design just shows one layer while others can be used unlimited.

(4)Preventive surfacing is an application in a completed new component. In such occasion, basic metal will not be considered except the cost .

(5)Repair welding refers to reorganization the worn out parts . Therefore ,we must consider the compatibility among the components. www.wxconveyor.com