Living garbage single shafted screw extruder

- Mar 08, 2020-

Working principle:

1.By using of variable screw flight diameter ,screw shaft size and screw pitch,when rotating, there will be extruded and produced liquid ,then liquid will be screened and discharged out.It is very high efficient to extract these liquids, small damage to materials, small loss on materials and easy to operate.

2. When the liquid mixture come into machine inside, under the rotating on screw shaft and screw flight, liquid moisture will be put forward. Because screw flight and screw shaft are in different diameter and pitch, the screw pitch is smaller and smaller from the inlet to outlet ,but screw shaft size is bigger and bigger.Hence,liquid mixture will be extracted in the filter screen ,then discharged out by the press between materials and liquid. That is ,the liquid will be separated from mixture.

3. The filter system is composed of screen frame,screen plate and screen mesh,which are fixed by the screw bolts at the base of equipment,so as to give support the materials for filter and dehydration. Usually the screen plate hole diameter is 0.5-2.5mm,high filtering accuracy,less material loss.

4. The press ratio is relatively big and good effects of dehydration,low water discharging, no vibrating and stable running, can work