LS screw conveyor used to transport dust

- Oct 02, 2019-

LS screw conveyor used to transport dust

Horizontal screw conveyor is designed and used to transport dust from collector in industrial fields.

Its capacity is 2m3/h,ambient temperature,screw pitch is 180mm. Motor power is 5.5KW,speed is 20rpm

When choosing screw conveyor’s screw diameter,we must consider :

Ø What is temperature on dust ?

Ø Is dust corrosive or abrasive ? good flow or bad flow

Ø What is transporting length on conveyor ?

Ø Conveyor will work continuous or not ?

Ø Conveyor is horizontal transporting or incline transporting ?

During application and maintenance,we must pay attention to :

Ø Add lubricating oil on rotating parts in time

Ø Check the sealings at both ends of conveyors and gland packing box

Ø Check the coupling ‘s connection with drive shaft of gearbox and screw conveyor .If any loosen,must tight up.

Ø Forbidden any foreign big bulk materials dropping inside the screw conveyor.

A photo of carbon steel screw conveyor is for a view.图片1