Main applications and technical characteristics

- Mar 06, 2018-

Arch breaker is specialized in solving blocking issue on granule &powder when storing in big hoppers,tanks and silos.No matter what the structure and the technical performance,arch breaker performs well .That is why the arch breaker is more and more popular in customers.

As silos or hoppers which are used to storage raw coal,rice,petrifaction,fertilizer,ore powder and other granules,it cause some blocking materials during storage process. Changrong recommend arch breaker to solve the blocking problems.

From structure,arch breaker mainly is made up of support legs,rotating rod,drive device,protection cover,vertical screw shaft,control cabinet and something else.Motor &gearbox drive the small sprocket,making small sprocket joggles with big sprocket to lead the total equipment working .In this way,it can make vertical screw arch breaking break the materials arching force during rotating process ,so as to clean up the blocking phenomenon,

Because arch breaker uses advance design idea,vertical screw arch breaking bar will be fixed on the big sprocket.Small sprocket is driven by motor &gearbox.Big sprocket and small sprocket are joggled.The big sprocket rotate together with vertical screw breaking bar,so motor power is low.It can save a lot of energy.

Assembling the arch breaker in the plugging section,it can show the obvious arch breaking bridging effect .Meanwhile,arch breaker is adopted of vertical screw shaft to rotate.So it reduce a lot of shear stress of the breaking arch cone as well as increase the anti blocking height.

In addition,arch breaker’s advanced ability also is found in flexible remote exchanging controlling.You can control it by manual type.You can set up the time to start and stop.You can change the flow condition inside the hopper or silo,and make materials’ flow condition recover from centering stream to complete stream.Arch breaker can prevent any dust from leakage,and improve the working environmental.