Main features of bucket elevators

- Feb 20, 2021-

Bucket elevators have the following features : 1. little drive power. Using the flow feeding way ,induced discharge ,big volume bucket ,there is almost no retaining materials during lifting ,so little energy or power consumption .  2 wide application of lifting.Bucket elevator  is not only can transport the general powder, small granular materials ,also can enhance the grinding cutting materials .Because it does not have too much strict requirements on materials . Meanwhile ,bucket elevator is totally closed with good sealing ,little pollution.3. Operation reliability is good,with advanced design principles and excellent processing methods, bucket elevator can ensure the reliability of normal operation, failure free time more than 20,000 hours. Because it runs smoothly, so bucket elevator can reach a higher lifting height. 4. Service life is long. Because the feeding of the elevator adopts the inflow type, there is no need to use the bucket to dig the material any more . So the extrusion and collision phenomenon rarely occurs between the materials.