Main features on material vertical bucket elevator

- Dec 17, 2020-

1.The drive motor power is small which is adopting inflow feed,Induced discharge and big volume of buckets . These buckets are assembled intensively .During materials are hoisted, there is almost no materials returning and digging materials, so the energy consumption is small.

2. Vertical bucket elevator has wide application. Such type of bucket elevator can not only transport common powder, small granules ,but also can transport the big granule material with strong abrasive feature . Vertical bucket elevator has excellent sealing and little pollution.

3.Operating reliable with advanced design principle and mature fabricating technology, it can ensure the whole machine’s reliability.The operation time can beyond 20,000 hours without any problems. Besides, the lifting height is very high with stable operation. Therefore ,the vertical bucket elevator can transport materials to the appointed height.

4.Long time for application. The feeding way is inflow feeding, no need digging materials ,so there will no press and colliding . When design ,the  vertical bucket elevator can ensure the feeding capacity and discharging capacity ,little materials are flowing out,reduce the worn out of machine .