Maintainance and structure on chain scraper conveyor

- Jul 02, 2018-

Chain scraper conveyor/ snake shape chain scraper conveyor is used the chain scraper as bearing weight part with motor &gearbox as driving force ,so as to reach conveying function.Usually ,chan scraper conveyor can use the speed difference to transport materials,so as to meet requirements on drinks,cleaning equipment.

Due to chain scraper conveyors conveying surface is very smooth and friction is very small,materials can be transported very stably.So it can transport various glass and plastic raw materials.

Only make the reasonable maintainance can get a long service life for the chain scraper conveyor .If equipped this chain scraper conveyor with other machine,it can be used water to wash and clean .

Most time,chain scraper conveyors motor need change machine oil reguarly time in order to ensure the motor keeps best movement and reduce the consumption .After stopping the chain scraper conveyor,need turn off the power .Then start to make cleaning work on equipment.

Should arrange the professional person to make maintainance in order to prevent any accident from error operations .