Material handling equipment features and types of division

- Feb 09, 2018-

In order to be able to liberate manpower, material handling equipment has been popularized, the factory workshop assembly line will be equipped with similar units, it is mainly responsible for a continuous transmission of materials on a fixed line, including traction, bearing members, drives, Zhang Tight devices, redirecting devices and supports.


Pipeline material handling equipment can be horizontal, inclined and vertical transport, can also form a space transmission lines, transmission lines are generally fixed, but also reflects the delivery capacity, long distance characteristics; also in the delivery process at the same time Complete a number of process operations, so a wide range of applications.


The workshop floor assembly line material handling equipment transmission mode with synchronous transmission, can also be asynchronous transmission, usually based on the configuration of choice to achieve the assembly and transmission requirements. The emphasis is on the classification of material handling equipment, which can be distinguished from purpose, type of power, type of transmission and type of cargo handled.


According to the main purpose, material handling equipment is divided into lifting equipment, continuous transport machinery, handling vehicles, special handling equipment. However, if the power type is divided, there are electric loading and unloading handling equipment and internal combustion power loading and unloading handling equipment.


Material handling equipment can also be divided from the transmission type, electric drive handling equipment, mechanical transmission handling equipment. , Hydraulic transmission handling equipment belong to them. In addition, there are bulk cargo handling equipment, packaging and handling of goods handling equipment, container handling and handling of goods loading and unloading of special body handling equipment.