Materials weighing and distributing equipment -Buried Scraper Conveyor

- Jul 03, 2019-

The buried scraper conveyor is used to transport bulk materials continuously in a closed rectangular section in a moving state. During horizontal transporting,materials are subjected to internal friction by the pressure of chains and scrapersin the direction of movement and the weight of materials theirselves. Such frictional forces can ensure a stable state among the materials’ layers, and overcome the resistance force when materials are moving along the trough,then make materials transport smoothly.

The buried scraper conveyor adopts a single high strength mining ring chain to drag the scrapers which is driven by a concave-toothed sprocket. In this way, chains are with large characteristics and loading capacity, chains can be tensioned auotmatically which can ensure that the chain is always in a moderately tensioned state for a long time. And reduce the frequency and intense operation of labors.

The return trip of buried scraper conveyor are made up of supporting wheels. It is not only saves labor and reduces wear,but also is good for the automatic tightening and sliding of the chains through the automatic change of the deflection between rollers. The drive system is on the top of machine head which is self-contained with the shell .So it can run freely as a complete set ,do not need achor bolts any more . The running speed can be controlled by the frequency