Merits on horizontal screw conveyor

- Nov 16, 2018-

Horizontal screw conveyor is with good sealing,stable conveying,easy to operate,etc.In actual working process, if materials dropped into fixed u trough, combined with gravity and friction force with u trough,materials have to rotate with screw shaft .And materials only can be put forward by the rotation screw flight,so as to transport materials.

Acually during the rotation process on the horizontal screw conveyor,this stage is similar to the fixed screw nut rotate along with the screw shaft to move .Such screw conveyor is suitable for multipoint feeding and discharging. Among the conveying process,it can mix,agitate,coolg,heatg,insulate,etc.The horizontal screw conveyor is senstitive to overloading,so it is very import to control the flow rate .

Overall analysis,horizontal screw conveyor ‘s design is simple.Moreover,it is very convenient to install and maintain .Such screw conveyor is used to continuous transporation loosen materials horizontally or little incline degree (for example ,incline degree below 20 ).Its working temperature is between -20 to + 40 centi degree,conveyed materials temperature ranges from -20 to + 80 .For high temperature materials,we can choose heat resistant steel to make .The speed is low for horizontal screw conveyor by comparing to vertical conveyor. The transportation length is within 70m.