Multi-auger’s limits and selection principle

- Jan 26, 2018-

As one of the screw augers,from the appearance of view ,multi-auger can be divided into U shape auger and tubular shape auger .From the conveying types ,multi-auger can be divided into shafted auger and shaftless auger.The shafted auger is suitable for free viscous dry powder materials and small granules while the shaftless auger is used for the viscous and easy winding materials.

Except the multi-shafts,multi-auger also include auger shaft,inlet & outlet,drive device ,etc .There is ending bearing at the end of shaft along with materials’ movement,together with counter force of materials to the shaft.If the conveyor is very long ,it need add some middle hanger bearing .

For common conveying equipment,multi-auger is obviously more flexible than other common conveying equipment.Multi-auger can be designed and made as per requirements ,so as to equip with different screw shafts as well as meet the requirements on capacity.Besides,multi-auger ‘s sectional dimension is small,good sealing,stable working ,many discharging points & many feeding points,operation safe and easy to maintain.

Twin shaft auger is the most commonest conveyor in multi-augers.Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Co., Ltd can design the size as per required capacity,to increase the length,function and other elements.Except the open feeding point and discharging point,the rest is totally closed chamber.Therefore,during transporting,powder will not fly upward and will not be leakage. 

For motors,multi-auger’s shaft quantity subject to the conveying length.The longer of the conveying length,the more the required shaft .It is necessary to choose the bigger power on motors for multi-auger.If the site is no space,engineer will put more shafts on multi-auger .If the site has enough space,engineer will put less shafts .In this way ,we can ensure the required capacity .