Multi shafts screw conveyors’ technical advantages and main characteristics with variable frequency motors

- Dec 27, 2018-

Screw conveyor is one f conveying equipment to transport materials.Due to screw shaft is worked through machine and human beings,it is easy to cause some blocking inside screw shaft,worst still ,it cause problems in production. As technology changes and improves day by day,there appeare power electronic technology , microelectronic technique and computer technology,using frequency to adjust the speed and dosing accuracy have been improved day by day.

Variable frequency speed device is assembled on screw conveyors which are used widely in life. If combine the 2 kinds of technology,we can control the screw conveyor through variable frequency inverter.In this way,we can reduce the start up and turn off actions on screw conveyors . It can reduce any unnecessary wear of equipment so as to improve working efficiency. In addition,we can ensure feeding materials evenly to production lines. Variable frequency with multi shafts screw conveyor is an advanced conveying equipment for desulfurization and ash conveying system in power plant.

The varibale frequency inverter on multi shafts screw conveyors are made up of high voltage cabinet + Phase shift rectifier transformer cabinet+power cabinet +Synchronous excitation cabinet. The high voltage input and output directly,so it does not need step-up transformer .

Therefore,the variable frequency inverters multi shafts screw conveyor can not only transport with variable speed as per actual request,but also can save energy and friendly environment. Multi shafts screw conveyors are light structure ,easy to maintain. Big conveying torque,not easy to be blocking promotes the application on screw