New Scraper Conveyor

- Oct 19, 2017-

Scraper Conveyor is an important transportation tool for conveying materials such as coal mines, chemical mines, metal mines and power plants. It is composed of middle trough, chain, scraper and traction system. Among them, the middle groove is the main part of scraper conveyor, the steel middle groove has been nearly hundred years of history, in the long-term use of the following shortcomings:

① heavy weight, installation and handling of time-consuming and laborious;

② Middle trough is usually made of 6~15mm steel plate, it is easy to deform when subjected to larger impact, and it is difficult to repair.

③ corrosion resistance is poor;

④ wear resistance is poor;

The friction coefficient of the ⑤ material and the middle trough is large, the power of the scraper conveyor is mostly consumed by the friction of the material and the middle groove, which leads to the excessive energy consumption and the increase of investment.

The high molecular weight polyethylene is the middle plate of the scraper conveyor, which can solve the problems existing in the steel plate, and get the plastic scraper conveyor. For small-scale scraper conveyor can be modified ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene to make scraper conveyor. For the above-mentioned large scraper conveyor, to adopt the method of steel-plastic composite, using UHMWPE as a lining to improve the wear resistance of large-scale scraper conveyor, prolong the service life, reduce the friction coefficient, thus reducing power consumption and reducing the traction, transmission system requirements, which has great significance for large-scale scraper conveyor. This product is developed by Shandong University of Science and technology, can be used in coal mines, chemical mines, metal mines and power plants and other materials transport.