Notes of V shape mixer

- Nov 17, 2020-

1.Before start up, must check the horizontal v shape mixer’s connection fasteners ,then make an empty running test . Make sure the completeness of lubrication oil quantity and electrical equipment, then turn off the general switch ,then connect the power and start the empty running test . 2.Installation .Place the mixer steadily, install the mixer’s feet, and level it ,then the mixer can run freely. 3.Before operate, must add enough oil , then let the equipment run without loading materials .Check each fastener, if loosen, must tight them up . 4.Turn the feeding inlet on the top, open the cover, add materials inside . The adding materials’ volume must not beyond the required quantity. Then tight up the cover, start the mixer immediately . If found any abnormal ,must stop the mixer and check. 5. It is forbidden to mix granulating drups in multiple batches for one time. It is forbidden to produce drugs and foods in a same production line. Each process must meet the requirments of GMP. 6.Must clean the inside and outside of mixer when changing materials .