Notes on changing screw blades of screw feeders

- Feb 15, 2021-

Screw feeder is also called the auger . Screw feeder’s  main core component of the material transporting equipment is inner screw blades .when the screw blades have been worked for  a certain period ,there need make a detailed checking to eliminate the troubles . When replacing the screw blades , first shall confirm the outer diameter and inner diameter and screw pitch . Usually the gap is 7.5mm between the outer diameter and screw feeder’s inside trough . Whether this gap is too large or too small ,it will cause blocking problems . The screw pitch is chosen as per materials’ size and screw feeder’s height . Besides , when replacing screw blades ,must pay attention to the rotating direction of screw blades . For example ,if screw blade is right-hand direction ,the new screw blade shall be right-hand direction . If screw blades directions are opposite ,it will cause problems and screw feeder will not work normally.