Paddle conveyor’s feature and types of paddle

- Jan 13, 2018-

From the structure,paddle conveyor differ from other conveying equipment.Its main rotation screw shaft rotates along the twin screw conveyor’s path.Install paddle flights when materials move forward 90 degree.Moreover,paddle flights are mainly made by repair welding by hard alloy,so as to make the paddle conveyor to convey big bulk materials,so as to avoid any blocking.Meanwhile,the hard alloy can improve the abrasive of paddle flight as well as life time.

Therefore,paddle conveyor is applied in transporting dry cement,ore,coal,fertilizer and those materials easy to fly.Certainly ,paddle flights have different styles if transporting different materials.

Some of them use full face screw paddle flight.This paddle conveyor is suitable for transporting bulk materials.Because the full face screw paddle flight are with fixed device,so it can not be adjusted easily.While for other multi heads flight,one flight is setted inside another one.And connected the flights into the same pipe or shaft.One belt fight can move materials forward,the other belt flight can move material afterward.Thus it can mix materials very well.

Some paddle conveyor is with crescent moon flight.It is with strong agitation as well as relax function.So it is suitable for conveying blocking materials.Besides,paddle flight is used commonly in paddle conveyor.By some paddle flight with certain adjusting degree,it can mix materials very well and control the flow rate of materials.

Hence ,there exist many types of paddle conveyors.Users can choose a set of paddle conveyor as per the characters on materials as well as the conveying working condition.Paddle conveyor can improve the conveying efficiency as well as reducing the pollution of environment.