Principle and application on screw elevator

- Mar 20, 2020-

Single shafted screw elevators main installation is incline type or vertical type which need increase the degree between the feeding hopper to get a pressure to hoist the products. Incline screw elevator is mainly used to hoist the smooth material.For example ,the rapeseed or oil dry pieces.

Vertical installation on incline screw elevator is used to transport rapeseed. Under the bottom ,add the drive to transport the oil dry pieces.Before installation, need dig a hole or pit on the ground,in this way, the incline screw elevator will not take space. If any trouble, need dismantle the screw elevators. On the basis of single shafted screw elevator, add a short single screw feeder to feed materials at the degree of 90 or 120. This structure is most common in the oil factory,mainly used to crush and hoist the oil dry pieces.

Also can equip with a electrical control cabinet,to adjust the speed of incline screw elevators. 

The most important is safety. Due to some screw blade will be shown outside, at the end of feeding ,there exist some residues at the bottom pf conveyor. Many operators can not find the danger in time, they alway use hand or sweep to clean,which is not allowed. Therefore,we will add a protection screen mesh on the hopper,forbidden operators to dismantle the