Problems about feeding rate being too slow when screw conveyor is used to transport powder

- Apr 23, 2019-

Sometimes we may meet or receive some comlaints from clients :" it takes much tome to feed powders from the hopper to the screw convyor. " because normally it only need 20 seconds ,but now it need 2 minutes to dischagge powders into screw conveyors.

Anaysis of the above problems : first reason is that the hopper is not  discharged powder smoothly .second reason is that screw conveyor is damaged or screw flight is disformed.


How to solve the above problems: 

1. Use air to blow inside the hopper , so as to destroy the bridged powders inside the hopper;

2. Check the valve at the discharging outlet. Adjust the open degree to the maximum degree on this valve.

3.Repair or replace the damaged screw